Belle Olivia’s pointed video is so famous that followers have to pay up to £ 300,000 to keep it

Belle Olivia has racked up hundreds of thousands of followers on her social media channels, and says her content got so “H๏τ” she needed a minder to protect her from oddballs

A woman’s Sєxy content is so “H๏τ” that men started stalking her – and it now costs thousands of pounds to keep her safe.

Belle Olivia said it costs £300,000 to keep her safe thanks to her saucy success

Manchester-based Belle Olivia is one of the raunchiest models online, and she has racked up hundreds of thousands of followers on her social media channels. She claims her content got so “H๏τ” that she needed a minder to protect her from oddballs.

In fact, a £300,000-plus security bill had to be footed by an influencers agency after she faced fresh stalker scares. Over the last few months, the bill has been paid by one of her “sugar daddy” fans, but she admitted he dropped out of paying for her live-in minder when she needed it most.

Luckily, as things escalated, influencer management firm the Rebel Agency – who helped Belle make millions from her content – picked up the bill to help keep her safe. The company even hired her a new guard who has just come out of the British Army.

Belle, 21, who has become a millionaire thanks to her brand tie-ins and accounts on platforms such as OnlyFans, said: “I’m really relieved Rebel are picking up this bill as I’ve had a lot more stalkers come at me online with really weird things and threats lately.

Belle Olivia said it costs £300,000 to keep her safe thanks to her saucy success

“I never expected to have stalkers, but some are saying they know where I live, so I might even end up moving.”

Belle thought she’d “seen it all” online until she was targeted by crazed fans. Things took a drastic turn in recent months and she needed help to get through it.

She continued: “They ask me to send them and do really disgusting things I can’t mention – and that’s saying a lot considering my content. The creepiest things are when they say they are going to come and visit me and do things to me in my sleep – it really makes me shiver.

“I’m really happy I’ve been able to keep up my security thanks to the Rebel Agency.”

Belle has previously been pounced on by a fan in an alley in Manchester, but it stopped when she got her first bodyguard. She said he was great, and she felt “really safe” when he was around.

There was even enough money from her sugar daddy client to move him into her penthouse for a while.

Belle Olivia said it costs £300,000 to keep her safe thanks to her saucy success

“I’ve now got a new minder from Rebel who is even better trained and has a military background,” she added.

Speaking about her previous stalker experiences, she said: “I get recognised in Manchester now, and even though most of the interactions are friendly, I have had some really creepy guys come up to me and some really scary experiences. One guy tried to grab me and pull me into an alley, and I’ve had loads of stalker experiences, with things arriving at my home like gifts and pretty perverted notes.

“This is all to be expected if you’re on sites like OnlyFans, but I don’t want to be on the street fearing for my safety or being hounded by men who known my address. I’ve had loads of scary, pervy messages online too that stepped over the line.”

Belle decided to share her experiences with fans, and this is when her sugar daddy offered to pay for a 24-hour bodyguard for her. The saucy star first hit the headlines last year when she boasted that she managed to pay off her monthly bills by creating 10 minutes of Sєxy content.

Belle Olivia said it costs £300,000 to keep her safe thanks to her saucy success

Now she’s more reluctant to boast about her earnings, but it’s thought she’s likely to have pᴀssed the £1million mark. Belle recently bought herself a Mercedes, and says she is dreaming of going into property development, and wants to explore investing in the stock market too.

More recently, she raked in hundreds of thousands of pounds from content she filmed at the UK’s first “OnlyFans Mansion”. The property is also run by influencers management firm, Rebel Agency, and is in a secret location in the English countryside.

Belle said: “I made a fortune from the content I filmed in a few days at the mansion. Content creators like me get access to so much equipment at the mansion and record weeks’ worth of material in a few days there.

“There’s also the fun of creators getting together to film. The Mansion is a brilliant idea.”

The “Rebel Mansion” was launched at the end of October by Rebel Agency CEO Jordan Smith, 29, as a way to bring together his huge “community” of influencers and OnlyFans creators. It hit the headlines after Jordan revealed content filmed at the stately mansion by his roster of clients had made them an astonishing total of £12million in three days.

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