Emily Ratajkowski’s ʙικιɴι snap derailed by baffling foot detail

Emily Ratajkowski is no stranger to causing a stir online, but a recent ʙικιɴι snap uploaded by the actress for her swimwear line Inamorata set tongues wagging for a different reason than usual.

The star copped nothing but praise when she rocked the Capreria ʙικιɴι top and bottom in blue in a set of stunning beachside snaps shared earlier this week.

Emily Ratajkowski models own brand blue ʙικιɴι in sultry beach pH๏τoshoot

The swimsuit retails for cool $260 AUD, despite its trademark scarcity of material, and proved a hit in the pH๏τos shared to the model’s personal page.

The same ʙικιɴι sparked a slightly different conversation, however, when Emily modelled it on her brand’s Instagram page in a pH๏τo that had fans doing a double-take.

This time wearing the swimsuit in the ‘brule’ tone, Emily perched on top of a concrete block, squatting on one leg while dangling the other over the edge in the artistic sH๏τ.


moans Boğaz tanga Buluntu emily ratajkowski blue ʙικιɴι çaba felaket iflas

Many fans couldn’t help but notice, however, that either a pH๏τoshop fail, or just the extreme angle had given the model a comically enlargened foot in the snap.

In fact, the pH๏τo was so exaggerated that one fan pointed out the star’s foot was as long as half of her leg.

“The foot is the same size as the calf muscle lol,” they wrote.

Others also noticed.

Most likely the result of the wide-lense pH๏τography, not everyone was a fan of the odd angle which left some feeling disorientated over the perspective.

“I’m not feeling the big feet!” one wrote, clarifying: “The angle not the actual feet”.

Undeterred by the foot talk, Emily kept the focus on the swimsuit in her latest snaps which dazzled fans.

Emily Ratajkowski wears $260 Inamorata swimsuit on beach

One set of pH๏τos showing the model wearing the blue ʙικιɴι on a bike attracted over 1.5 million likes while the other fell just short of one million.

It’s not the first time a sultry shoot as been somewhat derailed by a strange editing choice – or oversight.

Earlier this year fitness guru and ʙικιɴι enthusiast Tammy Hembrow had a similarly raunchy snap thrown off course by a simple oversight.

The entrepreneur initially caught fans attention in a very busty corset top selfie, but had them chuckling when they spotted a very messy detail in the background of the snap.

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